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I may be an Ocean Home aficionado, but I’ve also been a watch collector for many years and spent a lot of time traveling to some of the biggest watch fairs worldwide.  I’ve never succumbed to the Rolex hype so my collection ranges from the Masters (Vacheron, Jaeger, etc) to the more obscure (Roger Dubuis).  It’s been a while since I added to stable but I recently purchased a Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec and I have to say, pound for pound, it’s the finest timepiece I’ve ever owned.  For sheer beauty, functionality, and outright public envy, this watch has no equal.  Below is some info about the company along with images from the collection.  Enjoy.

Carl F. Bucherer is an international independent watch brand with over 90 years of experience in creating high-quality watches. The brand stands for uncompromising quality as well as highly beautiful and stylish products. It combines the best in watchmaking craftsmanship with fine jewelry-making skills, and the sophisticated, useful watch complications surprise time and again.  The development and production of a Carl F. Bucherer these days involves a complex and highly technological process, which requires the specialists involved to work together as a team. Using the latest tools for developing and finishing each of the parts, all of the components of a Carl F. Bucherer are industrially produced in Switzerland and then lovingly and painstakingly assembled by hand.  The production of the intricate Patravi watch case is a highly technological process requiring the perfect combination of the latest in production tools and specialist skilled workers.

More than 80 steps are required to create the three-dimensional watch case from a flat piece of steel, using computer-controlled machinery enabling measurements to within a thousandth of a millimeter. The surfaces of the individual parts of the watch case are then carefully finished by hand and added to the machine-made product.  The watch dial of a Patravi T-Graph is made up of 15 individual parts. To create, print and assemble these parts requires a lengthy and detailed process of more than one hundred different steps. Although some of the production is now done using special computer-controlled tools, the watch dial is printed and the markings and rings are still set by hand. Ingenious stamp printing techniques enable Carl F. Bucherer to create a sophisticated play of light and elegant structures on the watch dial and the markings are cut by laser and then painstakingly set and fixed by hand.  Our watchmakers assemble the many individual watch components to create the finished products in our ultra-modern workshop in Lengnau near Biel. The watch dials are assembled in a state-of-the-art clean room, the hands put into place and then finally the movement fitted into the watch case. Quality controls after each step, a test run over several days and a final check guarantee that only watches that meet the Carl F. Bucherer quality standards reach the retail outlets. Some of the collections are –


The Patravi collection includes modern timepieces with sophisticated, but useful mechanical functions and bold designs. The latest techniques for creating fine watches are used in their development and production. Our passion and enthusiasm for our work are reflected in these watch models where the boundaries of technology and creativity in contemporary watchmaking are constantly pushed back. A harmony of traditional and modern design, these are watches for the future.


“Enthusiasm and zest for life“. The Alacria, with an elegant slender case in steel and gold, encapsulates the design skills at Carl F. Bucherer. The Alacria is not only an impressive contemporary watch, but also has the potential to become a classic. With or without diamonds, the Alacria is simply stunning.


The family of Manero watches comprises timekeepers of exquisite beauty and unpretentious elegance. Each Manero combines intricate mechanisms with practical functionality. Caringly conceived design features and expensive complications make the Maneros an attractive and timeless watch family.

Here are some examples from the collection…

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To Purchase your own Carl F. Bucherer masterpiece, call (800) 395 4306 for a retailer near you.  You can also visit them online at

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