Posted on September 25, 2010


I recently discovered an amazing new advertiser of ours – Current Carpets –  and I invite you to check out their new Nautical Series of incredible outdoor carpets.  Perfect for your outdoor oasis, veranda, lanai, or even your private yacht, the Nautical Series has a vast selection of marine related motifs in various sizes.  Here’s some information about the owner, Hansine Pedersen Goran, as well as some images of the first Nautical Collection –

With a professional team of craftspeople, a belief in one’s individuality and contemporary design, Current Carpets are created one-at-a-time to exacting specifications. Hansine Pedersen Goran is the owner and designer at Current Carpets and she handles each and every order and design personally.  Current Carpets has won twelve international design awards and has been featured on television and in media throughout the United States and abroad.  They are a rare carpet company producing individual carpets, using the finest materials, in the United States. With a commitment to service, Current Carpets takes pride in on-time delivery and very satisfied clients.

Born in San Francisco of Danish decent, Hansine continues the old Scandinavian custom of producing wedding carpets for couples in a contemporary way, a continuation of the Scandinavian Rya tradition.  Hansine has a long history and education in fine art and design, with degrees in psychology, identity and culture. Addressing the uniqueness of individuals through functional design is her expertise.  Hansine is an ASID Industry Partner, a past Board and Executive Board Member of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Textile Arts Council and consulting graphic designer to the Council. Current Carpets is a member of The Textile Museum and American Crafts Council, has designed and produced the Peace fundraising carpet for the United Way and provides wool producing animals through Heifer International.


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