Posted on September 26, 2010


Offering a unique living experience, the folks at Kalia offer you the opportunity to realize one of their four distinctive villages located on Costa Rica’s legendary Gold Coast. Over 1000 acres (400 hectares), 432 custom homes and 985 luxurious condominium units all situated on spectacular ocean view/front properties in the Northern Pacific region compose – Emerald Woods, Ruby Sky, Black Beauty and Diamond Cove. Seamlessly weaving these carefully selected luxurious neighborhoods with the areas rich environmental assets of cascading waterfalls, pure rivers, magnificent unspoiled beaches, tropical animals and rain forests – all just minutes away – reveal Kalia’s primary commitment of not only creating a place to call home, but a modern eco lifestyle at one with nature.

Each of Kalia’s exclusive properties offers one of a kind amenities and conveniences that compliment the quality of life and instill the essence of modern eco-living. A “green” pedestrian park system links each village and its inhabitants via trails, walkways and community gardens to all property services including shopping, boutique hotels, spa facilities, fitness centers, golf course access, dining and nightlife.

In addition to typical facilities each individual village will offer unique attractions such as amphitheatres, event gardens, ranch and horse trails, children’s activity parks and wildlife refuge. Kalia’s invitation to participate in this unique lifestyle begins with a master plan that integrates the experience of daily life, a promise to the earth and preservation of resources and an opportunity to engage with local environment and its beauty.  Kalia is committed to creating and building ecological resort communities that impose minimum impact on existing environments and in absolute harmony with the beauty and natural essence of Costa Rica, its wildlife, landscape and culture.

Live the Kalia lifestyle in one of their nine unique models, where interior and exterior gracefully blend to create an exhilarating feeling of living as part of nature.  Here are some examples of their cutting edge models –

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