“Going green on the Green” – Vacation compound on Kiawah Island

Posted on October 12, 2010





For those who love to golf, in style and luxury, there is a unique place on a little island off the coast of South Carolina that is home to amazing golf course and house that is so spectacular it cannot be duplicated.  Among the many multi-million dollar homes is one that stands out among the rest, 109 Flyway Dr, located on Kiawah Island one of the premier golf communities on the East Coast. This is not just a vacation getaway, this is a vacation compound a uniquely GREEN vacation compound. This home is one of the first LEED silver certified home in all of South Carolina. Renovations of 109 Flyway were completed in 2009 and include the most modern of Green practices including the use of recycled and efficient local materials, water efficiency systems the preserve 30,000 gallons of water per year, energy efficient fixtures, lighting, appliances, heating and cooling system. The home was recently visited by Nate Kredich, Vice President of Residential Market Development for the United States Green Building Council because ”109 Flyway is on the forefront of Green  residential development.” The home was designed by renowned architect Christopher Rose of Christopher Rose Architects.
The home is an unmatched juxtaposition of modern energy saving luxury and traditional greens of golf.

Renovated by private company Dyal Compass, a Boston-based entrepreneur and real estate developer, 109 Flyway is a testament to her ethos, ‘live life with a conscious.’ The project, built with the goal to achieve LEED certification, hopes to lead a new wave of green development in Kiawah.  “I wanted to raise the bar on green awareness in Kiawah. This is Dyal Compass’s first project and I couldn’t be more proud,” says owner, Candace Dyal.   Dyal Compass’s next project is a green residential community in Kiawah, consisting of 16 newly constructed homes built along a picturesque marsh and land conservancy. Heath Cottage Park will be the 1st Platinum LEED certified community within a luxury resort.

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Boston-based Dyal Compass specializes in design, real estate development and luxury rental properties in the United States. Dyal Compass owns several high-end properties in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. For more information please visit: www.dyalcompass.com

Brooke Botello